Friday, 8 April 2011

3rd EISCAT_3D User Meeting

It's Friday, and time for a pretty picture. Also it's time to register for the 3rd EISCAT_3D User Meeting will take place in Uppsala, Sweden, 18-20 May 2011. Thus we use the opportunity to combine these two and bring you a photo of one of the beautiful, old buildings of the University of Uppsala.

The meeting is the third of its kind, and it is the first to feature a day (18th May, 10:00-17:00) dedicated to a special topic. This year it's "Atmospheric studies by using versatile instruments" including ideas for EISCAT_3D from future users.

The second day (19th May, 09:00-17:00) covers all science topics to be studied by EISCAT_3D. We also welcome presentations of recent results by the current EISCAT radars, which may be of interest for future EISCAT_3D studies.

The third day (20th May, 09:00-12:00) is dedicated to the presentation of the current status and latest results of the FP7 EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase project and related discussions.

The deadline for registration has been extended to 6th May 2011. Please register by email to Stephan Buchert, scb [at] irfu [dot] se.

For more information please have a look at the web page of the meeting at

Photo: Stephan Buchert, Uppsala, Sweden.

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