Friday, 1 April 2011

Artist impression of EISCAT_3D - not!

No, we didn't secretly build EISCAT_3D in some remote location without letting you know.  This is a photo of the Jicamarca Radio Observatory outside Lima, Per├║. The picture is taken from a near-by hill, a short walk away.  The radar operates at 50 MHz and consists of 18,432 dipoles covering an area of 290m × 290m.  It is used for incoherent scatter as well as MST work.  The location of this radar is similarly exciting as the location of EISCAT in the auroral zone: Jicamarca is placed right under the equatorial electrojet.

The observatory was so kind to host this spring's EISCAT Science Oversight Committee (SOC) meeting (28-30 March 2011), during which science and operational status of EISCAT were discussed.  The recommendations of SOC will be given to the EISCAT Council, which will meet in June 2011.

With this "Friday Photo" we wish everyone a very happy weekend.

Photo: Thomas Ulich.

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