Thursday, 7 April 2011

EISCAT Outreach Activities

Stepping up efforts to maintain and enlargen a vibrant, international EISCAT and EISCAT_3D user community, we have started to use social networking tools. We want to reach out to those of you who prefer other means of rapid communication and discussion than e-mail. Information available on all of these channels is freely accessible and does not require an account with any service, just a web browser. However, if you want to participate in the discussion, you have to register.

EISCAT_3D project page (

This page will be updated for major announcements and news, and it is more directly related to the FP7 Preparatory Phase study "EISCAT_3D: A European Three-Dimensional Imaging Radar for Atmospheric and Geospace Research."

EISCAT_3D blog (

The new EISCAT_3D blog is meant to have frequent updates, several times a week. So check back often or use the RSS feed provided. We will explain more about the blog in another post in the next few days, but already now: the blog is for everyone to contribute. Esp. we are asking you to send us your latest science results and/or interesting photos for a science feature (Tuesdays) and an image feature (Fridays).

Facebook page (

Facebook is a tool directed at networking, i.e. bringing people of similar interest together. We thought about this for a very long time, but given that FB has so many users around the world, it's a tool we just cannot afford to ignore.

The FB page allows all those of you who "Like" it to publish their own comments on EISCAT and related matters, as well as comment on announcements. The updates of the "Wall" of the page will appear in your personal stream of information. We will use it for making announcements, in order to keep all of you current with the development of EISCAT_3D.

Twitter feed (

For really rapid updates and announcements, follow @EISCAT_3D on Twitter. There will be several people contributing to providing news tweets from around the world, volunteers welcome!

EISCAT_3D Mailing list (

Of course there's also our mailing list, which has been in operation for over a year now. You can subscribe to the list using the link above, or you can just browse the mailing list archives. There are almost 200 addresses on the list. Anyone can write to the list, but it is a moderated list, so there might be a small delay in your message going through. The reason for that, of course, is that we want to avoid commercial advertising (spam) to end up in your inboxes.

A vibrant and well organised user community is key to the funding of the future EISCAT_3D. Please pass the information about these new services on to others, and together let's make our international user community visible!

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