Friday, 15 April 2011

MST-13: First Announcement

RMR Lidar at IAP, Kühlungsborn, Germany.

The future EISCAT_3D radar system will be located at the edge of the polar vortex, within the auroral oval, which will allow us to study atmospheric and geospace processes of crucial importance. Major science topics for EISCAT_3D include the influence of natural solar-terrestrial variability on climate, long-term anthropogenic change, and the coupling of atmospheric layers, to name but a few. For this purpose, EISCAT_3D will reach lower into the atmosphere as the present EISCAT radars, and there will be a special atmospheric science session at the upcoming EISCAT_3D User Meeting. The lower and middle atmosphere is typically studied by MST radars (Mesosphere-Stratosphere-Troposphere) as well as by lidars, which are basically radars using light instead of radio waves (see photo).

The 13th International Workshop on Technical and Scientific Aspects of MST Radar (MST13) will be hosted by the Leibniz Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Kühlungsborn, Germany, from 19th to 23rd March 2012.

The MST workshop series is special in that it encompasses scientists, engineers, technical experts, theoreticians, and students, all united in one forum for MST radar studies. Previous workshops have been held in such diverse locations as India, Perú, the USA, Europe and Canada. Athough the workshop focuses on MST radars, contributions from related areas are welcome. These could include, e.g., collaborative studies involving radars and other instruments such as lidars, in-situ studies and relevant theoretical developments. Papers will cover the atmosphere from the ground to the ionosphere, with some emphasis on the Mesosphere-Stratosphere-Troposhere. Tropospheric studies include meteorology. Other areas of interest include special topics like meteors, lightning, sprites, layering phenomena, clouds, waves, tides, numerical forecasting, nowcasting, etc.

For more information, please visit the workshop's web site, where you can register yourself to receive future updates on the workshop: Expression of Interest.

Credits: MST13 logo designed by Ralph Latteck, and the photo above was taken by Gerd Baumgarten, both at IAP Kühlungsborn, Germany.

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