Saturday, 30 April 2011

Spring in the North

Spring has arrived in Northern Scandinavia and Finland, and after some really warm days, the ice on the rivers is breaking up and rapidly disappears while large parts of the land are already free of snow. It's fun to watch the floats of ice drift downstream, some have a peculiar rectangular shape, which seems unnatural. And it is: In winter, the rivers are snow-mobile highways, and where they go, they compress the snow and make the ice cover last longer than elsewhere. In spring, these scooter tracks stay intact and drift away eventually.

This is the first spring during the EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase project, which began half a year ago, and it symbolises an exciting year ahead. We are looking forward to the User Meeting in Uppsala in just over two weeks' time, and of course our EISCAT_3D friends in Finland will begin the building of the KAIRA radar receiver in June. Then there's the radar school, and the biannual EISCAT workshop.

Following the list of project milestones, many important decisions and plans are made during this first project year, which will shape the future of the EISCAT_3D radars. Now it is the right time to be active and join the planning process, and make your voice heard, because this is your future radar being planned!

Photo: Thomas Ulich.

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