Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Regular blog features

While the EISCAT_3D blog will contain news about the FP7 project, it is meant to be a platform for general EISCAT-related news and outreach items. For instance, it is a great place to popularise your latest EISCAT-related papers. Therefore, we are planning on two weekly features:

- Science Feature (Tuesdays)
- Image Feature (Fridays)

In order for this to work we need your help! Your contributions are not only very welcome, but essential to make this a true EISCAT user-community platform.

Science: Please send us a short text about your recent science result with link to paper, conference presentation or press release, and we will publish it on the blog. Please do not simply copy the abstract, make sure it addresses a large audience. Also, include some kind of image or graph, which will make the post more attractive.

Image: Please send us interesting image material, a photo or a graph or data plot with a brief caption to be published as the "end of week" image feature. The can also be interesting historic images. Make sure to include the name and e-mail of the originator of the material, so that we can check that it's ok to use it.

Or indeed, send us anything else you want to make accessible to a wide audience. Have a look at the KAIRA blog for some inspiration. The only requirements are that it must be relevant to EISCAT and ISR in the larger sense.

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