Thursday, 5 May 2011

Co-ordinator of the EISCAT_3D project

On 2nd May we introduced the Executive Board of the EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase project. In this series of blog posts of "project internals," we shall continue to introduce the different committees that run the project. Next in line is the Co-ordinator.

The EISCAT Scientific Association takes the role as Co-ordinator during the EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase.

According to the "Description of Work", the "Co-ordinator acts [as] the intermediary between the parties of the consortium and the European Commission. In particular, the Co-ordinator is responsible for monitoring compliance by the consortium parties with their obligations and keeping the contact details of the members of the consortium management bodies and other contact persons updated and available. The role of the Co-ordinator also includes collecting the results of the project activities, reviewing them to verify consistency and submitting reports and other deliverables (including financial statements and related certifications) to the European Commission."

"The Co-ordinator is responsible for transmitting documents and information connected with EISCAT_3D to, and between, Work Package leaders and any other parties concerned."

"The Co-ordinator also administers the Community financial contribution and provides, upon request, the consortium parties with official copies or originals of documents which are in the sole possession of the Co-ordinator when such copies or originals are necessary for the parties to present claims."

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