Monday, 30 May 2011

Inverse Problems Africa 2012

An inverse problems school and conference will be organised in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, in October 2012. The events will have a strong emphasis on incoherent scatter radars and EISCAT_3D techniques.

The school will take place 15th to 20th October 2012, and the conference will follow immediately afterwards 22nd to 26th October 2012.

The lecturers for the school thus far are
  1. Markku Lehtinen, University of Oulu, Finland — Statistical Inversion and Incoherent Scatter Radar
  2. Heikki Haario, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland — Epidemiology Models and MarkovChain Monte Carlo Methods
  3. Wilson Mahera, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania — Stochastic Differential Equations and their Applications to Pollutant Dispersion in Shallow Waters
  4. Samuli Siltanen, University of Helsinki, Finland — Tomographic Imaging
The conference will cover, among others, the following topics:
  1. Statistical and Classical Inversion
  2. Numerical Methods and Software
  3. Partial Differential Equations and Stochastic Differential Equations
  4. Mathematical Finance and Insurance
  5. Applications: Radar, Tomography, Imaging, Epidemiology
The conference will be organised as thematic days. Every day will be opened by a keynote speech by an internationally known expert.
  • Monday — Matti Lassas, University of Helsinki, Finland — Thematic day in statistical and classical inversion
  • Tuesday — Tony van Eyken, SRI International, USA — Thematic day in incoherent scatter radars
  • Wednesday — N.N. — Thematic day in differential equations
  • Thursday — Joseph Mugisha, Makerere University, Uganda — Thematic day in epidemiology
  • Friday — Baylie Damtie, Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia — Conclusion of the conference, planning of future activities
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