Monday, 6 June 2011

Centre of Excellence in Inverse Problems

Congratulations to Lassi Päivärinta (University of Helsinki) and Markku Lehtinen (Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory/University of Oulu) and their team for the approval today of the Centre of Excellence in Inverse Problems Research, which has had a tremendously successful first term 2006-2011, and which will now continue until 2017. An important part of this Centre of Excellence is the modelling and mathematically accurate description of incoherent scatter and other radar experiments, which is essential for the development of EISCAT_3D.

Today, 6th June 2011, the Board of the Academy of Finland has selected new Centres of Excellence (CoE) in Research for 2012‒2017. A total of 15 units, involving research teams from eleven universities or research institutes, were selected to the new Centre of Excellence Programme. The new CoEs will be conducting research in a wide spectrum of research fields, ranging from the interaction between cells and intercellular substance, molecular systems immunology and physiology and Russia’s modernisation to the history of the structures of Finnish society.

The Academy has reserved a total of EUR 45 million for the first three years of the six-year programme term. Funding negotiations with the selected units will start in autumn 2011.

The CoE call attracted a total of 135 letters of intent, of which the Academy’s Board selected 36 to submit full applications. These applications were reviewed by international expert panels. The panels also interviewed unit representatives at meetings organised by the Academy.

In their review, the panels paid special attention to the scientific quality and innovativeness of the research plan. Centres of Excellence in Research are at the cutting edge of research in their respective fields. Half of the selected units are new CoEs and half involve research teams from previous CoE Programmes.

The Academy of Finland is the most important funding agency for research in Finland. See their press release on Centres of Excellence.

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