Friday, 17 June 2011

EISCAT and StreetView

Friday picture time! We just learnt that the EISCAT site at Ramfjord, near Tromsø, Norway, is the first EISCAT site to be visible in Google's StreetView. The photo above gives you an impression, which many of us never experienced: the view of the EISCAT site from the main road in summer! Most of us travel to Tromsø for measurements during autumn, winter or spring, when it is dark most of the time and when there's snow on the ground. But Tromsø is actually a very beautiful place in summer, when the Arctic is covered in a lush green.

In the photo above (click on it for a bigger version) you can see the large VHF radar, which is the white, rectangular structure in the middle. To the right from the VHF, you can just make out the top of the UHF radar dish. Finally, the structure on the left, which looks like a forest of vertical masts, is the ionospheric Heater.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Photo: Google StreetView.

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