Friday, 15 July 2011

EISCAT and StreetView — Part II

A while ago we wrote that the EISCAT Tromsø site is the first EISCAT site to be visible on Google's StreetView. Upon closer inspection, however, this might not be true at all. The remote UHF receiver antenna of Sodankylä can only be seen from the main Road Nº 4 from two very specific places. One of these is the location of "Orakoski" a few kilometres south of the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, which hosts the UHF receiver. From this location the photo above was taken. Can you find the UHF dish? It is in the centre of the image, in the gap between the trees (click on the image to get a bigger version).
The other location is exactly opposite of the UHF antenna on the other side of the river Kitinen. The UHF antenna is much easier to see, because the camera is much closer, a few hundred metres away in facts (click on the image to get a bigger version).

The Kiruna UHF antenna is probably too far from any major road to appear on StreetView anytime soon, and StreetView hasn't reached Svalbard yet, so Tromsø and Sodankylä might remain the only EISCAT facilities visible on StreetView for a long time.

Photos: Google StreetView.

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