Monday, 18 July 2011

Greenland: Impressions from Kangerlussuaq

After a pleasant flight we arrived at Kangerlussuaq, having flown across the Greenland ice sheet. Kangerlussuaq is a small place with some 500 inhabitants. It is dominated by the only major airport in Greenland, i.e. the only airport at which large jet aircraft can land. The settlement was founded in 1941 as a US Air Force base, which was since discontinued in 1992.

The photo shows a view from an elevation south of the settlement looking across the bridge towards the large Air Greenland hangar and the combined hotel and airport building behind (click on it for a larger version). The land is barren: there are no trees, but the hills are green, and in the distance one can just make out the ice shelf (not on the photo). The nature features caribou, musk oxen, and a couple of weeks earlier, a polar bear got lost in this area.

Photos: Thomas Ulich.

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