Wednesday, 6 July 2011

KAIRA construction in full swing!

The national Finnish support effort of EISCAT_3D, i.e. the construction of the Kilpisjärvi Atmospheric Imaging Receiver Array (KAIRA) is in full swing at Kilpisjärvi. Today the first LOFAR high-band array (HBA) antenna tile was deployed, and immediately after the second one.

The photo shows the crane placing the first tile ontop of its wooden frame. The HBA tiles are amazing, they are a purely polystyrene structure, yet they can carry 7.5 tonnes of snow, as the KAIRA team demonstrated in their winter test.

The KAIRA facility is built by the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, which is part of the University of Oulu. Every week a different person is in charge of supervising the operations, and this week the author of these blog posts is taken care of this function. This means that blogging will be slightly delayed and at odd times, and also it means the blogs will be about KAIRA, the construction is just so interesting to watch.

Photo: Thomas Ulich.

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