Thursday, 7 July 2011

KAIRA Scenery

Yesterday we reported about the construction of the Finnish KAIRA facility. Here is a photo showing the placement of the first frameset onto which the LOFAR high-band antenna (HBA) elements are placed. Normally, these are placed directly on the ground. But here they are raised by a metre and a half in order to keep the cabling accessible, and to expose the surface of the tiles as much as possible to the wind. This will aid in avoiding too much snow accumulation. The typical snow depth in the area of Kilpisjärvi is about a metre.

KAIRA is situated in the stunning landscape of so-called "Fell Lapland," at the border to Norway and Sweden. The best-known landmark of Kilpisjärvi is the fell of Saana, which is seen in the background of the photo shown here. KAIRA is placed to the north of Saana, which is the remnant of a giant that once lived in this area, and who's story is worth telling. But we will leave that for tomorrow, when it's Friday picture day!

Photo: Thomas Ulich.

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