Monday, 11 July 2011

WP3: Science Planning and User Engagement

A while ago, we started a series of blog posts explaining the details of the on-going EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase project within the 7th Framework Programme. These are all labelled "project internals" and are accessible in the menu on the right under that keyword.

The purpose of this series is to tell you about the project now and again and spare you the reading of the entire project application document.

Today it is time to introduce Work Package 3, which is entitled "Science Planning and User Engagement." This work package is jointly lead by Anita Aikio of the Dept of Physics, University of Oulu, Finland, and Ian McCrea of the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK.

The purpose of WP3 is to engage with new and existing users whose activities will be within the scope of EISCAT_3D, which will be enlarged to reflect its new possibilities, e.g., to study the middle atmosphere and to do continuous observations.

"More than simply contacting new users, a key activity will be gathering their requirements for the science topics that they will address, and the different types of new experiment which they would like to run. These, in turn, need to feed into the design and implementation of [EISCAT_3D]. This Work Package covers the gathering of these requirements, the continuous updating of the Science Case and its tensioning against the capabilities of the new radar, as they become progressively more well-defined. [...] In addition, two workshops will be held, targeted at specific groups."

It is important that everyone interested in EISCAT and EISCAT_3D contributes to this work package by giving comments and telling about their requirements and wishes for future operations!

Recently the first version of the Science Case document has been published, and we will tell you more about it tomorrow in a follow-up blog post. Already now we ask you, please comment on this document and make your voice heard. EISCAT_3D — It's your radar!

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