Monday, 8 August 2011

EISCAT_3D blogging schedule

You will have noticed the lack of blog posts last week. My apologies for that. I thought I can keep writing blog posts while on holidays, but that didn't work out.

Normal service will resume towards the end of the present week. Interesting events are coming up. On the coming weekend, we will be blogging directly from Istanbul, where the Movable Antarctic Incoherent Scatter Radar Workshop will take place. This is an exciting endeavour of our US colleagues to establish an AMISR-type radar at McMurdo base.

Many participants of the workshop will stay on for the URSI General Assembly in Istanbul. Thereafter, the 38th Annual European Meeting on Atmospheric Studies by Optical Methods will take place in Siuntio, near Helsinki, Finland. Then there'll be a week of time to breath before we are heading to China, to the 15th International EISCAT Workshop in Qingdao, from where we will again be blogging directly.

Stay tuned for updates on all of these matters soon, and enjoy the rest of the northern-hemisphere summer!

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