Friday, 7 October 2011

EISCAT and StreetView — Part III

During the summer, we first found that the EISCAT site in Tromsø can be seen on Google's StreetView (see blog post). Later we found also the Sodankylä site on StreetView, and the Sodankylä UHF antenna can even be seen from two different locations along the road (see blog post). In the post about the Sodankylä site we guessed that the Kiruna site will probably not be visible, because it is very far from the main road. However, recently EISCAT_3D Project Assistant Anders Tjulin found that the Kiruna site can indeed be seen on StreetView. 

The photo above is a screenshot to prove it. But you have to look very carefully in the centre of the photo just above the trees at the horizon. Click on the image for full resolution.

With this image we wish you all a very good weekend.

Photo: Google StreetView.

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