Thursday, 6 October 2011

Vacancy: EISCAT_3D Project Engineer

The EISCAT Scientific Association is seeking a Project Engineer for the ongoing EISCAT_3D phased array radar project. The project is currently in its Preparatory Phase, which involves the legal, governance, strategic, financial and technical work that is needed before the construction of the new radar system can commence.

The major role of the Project Engineer will be to facilitate the smooth progress of the technical work through coordination within the Preparatory Phase project consortium and EISCAT associates, with industry and with other partners. The primary responsibilities of the Project Engineer will be to coordinate and monitor the technical work packages of the project, to oversee the evolving technical specification of the new facility and to prepare for its transition into the construction phase, which includes negotiations with industrial partners regarding the mass production of the components needed for large antenna arrays. The Project Engineer needs to ensure that the schedule, cost and performance targets of the technical aspects of the Preparatory Phase project are met.

Candidates should have proven expertise and experience in radar systems or other large research infrastructures, as well as good organisational and communication skills and be willing and able to get acquainted with all the different technical aspects of the project.

Deadline for submission of applications is Monday, 7th November 2011.

Please find the full announcement of the vacancy here.

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