Monday, 27 February 2012

Vacancy: PhD Candidate in Space Physics/EISCAT, Tromsø, Norway

The University of Tromsø has a PhD position in Physics (Space Physics) vacant for applicants who would like to complete a PhD degree.

The faculty offers a PhD programme in Physics. The position is attached to EISCAT, Department of Physics and Technology, which has the programme option Space Physics.

The position is organised under the Department of Physics and Technology, which consists of three research groups: energy and climate physics, space physics, and electrical engineering. The department provides education on the Bachelor, Master, and PhD levels. The department comprises 18 permanent professors, and a technical/administrative staff of 10 persons. The department conducts research and education at a high international level, and our employees are engaged in several international collaborative projects.

The desired research area for the vacant position is within theoretical and experimental investigations of the Earth’s upper and/or middle polar atmosphere/ionosphere. The experiments are conducted mainly by radars (EISCAT and other radar facilities) and/or rockets.

Application deadline: 8th March 2012.

For details visit: and/or contact Professor Cesar La Hoz, tel. +47 77 64 51 61, e-mail: at or Professor Unni Pia Løvhaug, tel. +47 77 64 62 92, e-mail: unni.pia.lovhaug at

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