Thursday, 12 April 2012

Call for Papers: Solar Wind 13, Hawaii

Solar Wind 13, the Thirteenth International Solar Wind Conference, will take place 18th-22nd June, 2012, Big Island of Hawaii, USA, at Sheraton Keauhou Hotel. On 17th June 2012, the registration will be open and there will be an evening welcome reception.

The conference will conform to the traditional solar wind themes, addressing the current state of knowledge in the relevant fields of solar and heliospheric physics. In particular, the conference will address:
  1. Physics of the corona, origin and acceleration of the solar wind, and relevant observations of the Sun.
  2. Dynamical behaviour of the interplanetary medium throughout the heliosphere, including large and small scale structures, the evolution of disturbances, dissipative processes, turbulence, and solar energetic particles.
  3. Interaction of the solar wind with the interstellar medium and the heliospheric boundaries, and cosmic rays.
  4. Interaction of the solar wind with solar system objects and dusty environments, including the Earth's magnetosphere, planets, and comets.
  5. Status and prospects of current and future solar wind and heliospheric missions, including new advances in instrumentation.
The program will follow a largely traditional format in that it will be composed of invited lectures and contributed talks and posters.

Please go online and register at and click on the Registration link. Deadline 30th April 2012.

E-mail inquiries about the meeting should be directed to Gary P. Zank at garyp.zank -at-

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