Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Science Tuesday: Recent Papers in Space Science

Tuesday is the science day on the EISCAT_3D blog. For the science feature, you can submit your research to the blog with an image, photo, or graph, and a short text explaining the study and the key result. We will then publish your work here. For the time being, please send any input to the blog's editor Thomas Ulich (thu -at- sgo -dot- fi). Thanks!

Today we would like to draw your attention to the following, recent publications:
  1. Cluster and TC-1 observation of magnetic holes in the plasma sheet, by W. J. Sun, Q. Q. Shi, S. Y. Fu, Z. Y. Pu, M. W. Dunlop, A. P. Walsh, Q. G. Zong, T. Xiao, C. L. Tang, H. Reme, C. Carr, E. Lucek, and A. Fazakerley, ANGEO, 2012, Vol.30, pp. 583-595, SRef-ID: 1432-0576/angeo/2012-30-583, http://direct.sref.org/1432-0576/angeo/2012-30-583.
  2. Study of the applicability of the curlometer technique with the four Cluster spacecraft in regions close to Earth, by S. Grimald, I. Dandouras, P. Robert, and E. Lucek, ANGEO, 2012, Vol.30, pp. 597-611, SRef-ID: 1432-0576/angeo/2012-30-597, http://direct.sref.org/1432-0576/angeo/2012-30-597.
  3. Equinoctial asymmetry in solar activity variations of NmF2 and TEC, by Y. Chen, L. Liu, W. Wan, and Z. Ren, ANGEO, 2012, Vol.30, pp. 613-622, SRef-ID: 1432-0576/angeo/2012-30-613,
  4. Multi-spacecraft observations of small-scale fluctuations in density and fields in plasmaspheric plumes, by H. Matsui, F. Darrouzet, J. Goldstein, P. A. Puhl-Quinn, Yu. V. Khotyaintsev, P.-A. Lindqvist, E. Georgescu, C. G. Mouikis, and R. B. Torbert, ANGEO, 2012, Vol.30, pp. 623-637, SRef-ID: 1432-0576/angeo/2012-30-623, http://direct.sref.org/1432-0576/angeo/2012-30-623.
  5. A meteor head echo analysis algorithm for the lower VHF band, by J. Kero, C. Szasz, T. Nakamura, T. Terasawa, H. Miyamoto, and K. Nishimura, ANGEO, 2012, Vol.30, pp. 639-659, SRef-ID: 1432-0576/angeo/2012-30-639, http://direct.sref.org/1432-0576/angeo/2012-30-639.
  6. Electron scale structures of thin current sheets in  magnetic reconnection, by N. Jain, A. S. Sharma, L. M. Zelenyi, and H. V. Malova, ANGEO, 2012, Vol.30, pp. 661-666, SRef-ID: 1432-0576/angeo/2012-30-661, http://direct.sref.org/1432-0576/angeo/2012-30-661.
  7. External triggering of substorms identified using modern optical versus geosynchronous particle data, by B. Gallardo-Lacourt, Y. Nishimura, L. R. Lyons, and E. Donovan, ANGEO, 2012, Vol.30, pp. 667-673, SRef-ID: 1432-0576/angeo/2012-30-667, http://direct.sref.org/1432-0576/angeo/2012-30-667.
Source: COSIS.net Alert Service Subscriptions.

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