Wednesday, 23 May 2012

4th EISCAT_3D User Meeting under way in Uppsala

From today, Wednesday, 23rd May 2012, scientists interested in EISCAT_3D are meeting in Uppsala, at the Ångström laboratory, for the 4th EISCAT_3D User Meeting. This meeting was organised the first time at the end of the FP6 EISCAT_3D Design Study in 2009, and it has become somewhat of a tradition by now to meet in Uppsala in May every year since.

During this meeting, we will try to update you on what is going on.  For a programme, please refer to the web page of the meeting.

During this first day, the science case will be discussed, which is developed by WP3 of the current FP7 Preparatory Phase project. WP3 tackles the science case by addressing different science topics with dedicated teams. Currently the Space Weather topical range is being discussed.  The WP3 leaders, Anita Aikio (U Oulu) and Ian McCrea (STFC/RAL) are starting the day with an overview of the current status of the science case discussion. Naturally, all users are invited to contribute to this.

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