Wednesday, 29 August 2012

EISCAT Radar School: Breaking Records

The International EISCAT Radar School is underway at Sodankylä, Finland. In total, 14 learners and nine instructors are participating very actively and almost around the clock in the activities. Last night, three student radar experiments were run on the Tromsø UHF radar, and the participants will analyse their own radar experiments during the rest of the week in order to present their results on Saturday morning. Besides radar experiments, also other fun activities are taking place during the school.

The photo above shows the floating pontoon sauna of Juha Vierinen and Antti Kero, which is harboured on the shore of the observatory. A couple of nights ago, some participants went out onto the river in the late evening in order to have a sauna away from the shore and watch the moon rise above the river.

In the process, the record of how many laps someone swam around the sauna in the cold waters of Kitinen (above) was broken several times, and we are proud to announce that Richard Fallows holds the new record of five laps around the pontoon. Well done!

Photos: Thomas Ulich.

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