Monday, 21 January 2013

euronews futuris - Visions of our moody Sun

This video was published on Euronews just this evening. It is about the European Solar Telescope (EST) project, which aims to install a 4-m solar telescope with adaptive optics on the Canary Islands. The objective is to unravel the secrets of solar activity – and thereby the sources of all the space weather phenomena, the consequences of which we will be monitoring with EISCAT_3D.

On the EST web site, there's a list of top-level science goals. Goal VI. "The Explosive Sun" with its subtopic of "Solar flares and space weather" is the one most closely related to EISCAT.

EST is currently in the Design Study phase funded by the 7th Framework Programme. It is a pan-European project "involving 29 partners, plus 9 collaborating institutions, from 15 different countries" as it says on their web site.

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