Friday, 25 January 2013

Possible Antenna Concept for EISCAT_3D

The Swedish company Gelab (, located in Gäddede, is a contract manufacturer specialising, among others, in antenna. Gelab has been assisting the EISCAT_3D preparatory phase project in the preparation of possible antenna and antenna array designs. The picture shows one solution for the array, where the antennas are grouped on platforms elevated above the ground to avoid snow influence. The design reminds of that of the AMISR, which, too, is based on grouping antennas in panels, and also of that of KAIRA, which raises the aerials significantly above ground in order to have snow pass freely down to the ground.

Here, every group stands on tall legs, making access from below easy. Also, every group features an easily accessible instrument cabinet for the first-level electronics. The design of the individual antenna elements is an inverted V.

This suggestion is one possible design for the future EISCAT_3D radar system. The current four-year EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase Project will continue until September 2014 and thus has entered the critical phase of decision making with regard to many design questions.

Image courtesy of Gelab, text Jonny Johansson and Thomas Ulich.

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