Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Science Tuesday: Recent Papers

Tuesday is the science day on the EISCAT_3D blog. For the science feature, you can submit your research to the blog with an image, photo, or graph, and a short text explaining the study and the key result. We will then publish your work here. For the time being, please send any input to the blog's editor Thomas Ulich (thu -at- sgo -dot- fi). Thanks!
  • Thermospheric neutral temperatures derived from charge-exchange produced N2+ Meinel (1,0) rotational distributions, by C. K. Mutiso, M. D. Zettergren, J. M. Hughes, and G. G. Sivjee, ANGEO, 2013, Vol.31, pp. 463-471, SRef-ID: 1432-0576/angeo/2013-31-463, http://direct.sref.org/1432-0576/angeo/2013-31-463.
  • The Geminid meteor shower during the ECOMA sounding rocket campaign: specular and head echo radar observations, by G. Stober, C. Schult, C. Baumann, R. Latteck, and M. Rapp, ANGEO, 2013, Vol.31, pp. 473-487, SRef-ID: 1432-0576/angeo/2013-31-473, http://direct.sref.org/1432-0576/angeo/2013-31-473.
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