Friday, 26 April 2013

Seminar on Solar Storms, London, UK

The UK Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) will host a Seminar on Solar Storms in London, 30th April 2013.

What’s it about? – "[...] the scientific consensus is that the threat is real and that we need to take action immediately because we have no idea when the next big one might strike." (Source: Earth magazine)

Terrorism and natural disasters might be at the forefront of the minds of policy makers and the global population, but a significant threat lurks over our heads: the sun. A massive solar storm, of a size last seen a century and a half ago, could easily leave hundreds of millions of people in the dark for days, weeks or even months. (Source: Earth magazine)

Chair and Keynote Speaker, Prof Mike Hapgood, RAL says "Good engineering design must be the first line of defence against space weather."

Reasons to attend

  • Understand the scale and frequency of solar storms
  • Appreciate the challenge you face to protect your ground based assets and infrastructure
  • Derive essential knowledge to help build your business case to protect engineered assets and systems
  • Meet the people who can simulate effects of solar storms and give you essential insight into your equipment and systems resilience
  • Gather insights into effects of CMEs on the power grid and apply this learning to your systems
  • Learn what protective steps can be taken to protect your assets from failure to perform on demand
  • Rub shoulders with government advisors to understand solar storms upon the National Risk Register
More information about the event is available on-line.

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