Monday, 24 June 2013

Last Chance: EISCAT International Symposium 2013

The abstract and registration deadline for the EISCAT International Symposium 2013 (formerly the EISCAT International Workshop) is 1st July 2013.  The meeting is at Lancaster University in the week August 12-16.  Please register and submit an abstract (or several!) if you haven't already done so.  The meeting website can be found at:

Radar School: Some of you have asked about the radar school. In brief: there won't be one in 2013, because we have something exceptional in store for next year. Also, we are reviewing the contents of the school in view of EISCAT_3D and the planned 3rd antenna dish in Svalbard, which our Chinese colleagues want to build. So stay tuned for more info on this.

Text: Ian McCrea and Thomas Ulich.  Photo: Thomas Ulich.

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