Tuesday, 30 July 2013

ISR School: Testing Parabolic Dishes

The first day of the Incoherent Scatter Radar School at the MIT Haystack Observatory has passed, including all of the introductory lectures, and the first group work (exercises) on how to work with the Madrigal Database, which is a globally networked data base, which contains the vast majority of the data from most of the incoherent scatter radars in the world.

One of the curiosities of the day was the setup of two parabolic dishes in front of the building. They are designed to bounce acoustic waves between them. A small platform is provided, so that one can speak from the focal point of one of the dishes and see how the signal changes with location.

This proved a lot of fun, but we had to be careful, because a few bees decided to build small hives in one of the dishes.

Photos: Thomas Ulich.

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  1. Cool idea :) Did you try to bounce the sound off a wall ?


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