Tuesday, 6 August 2013

ISR School: The Smallest Radar (errata)

Juha Vierinen showed photos of the small radar built by his sons during this year's ISR School at MIT Haystack Observatory. Apparently I remembered so many things wrongly about Juha's small radar, that he kindly sent his original version to me. Since it is so much better than the one we published previously, here it is again, for your pleasure. You are more than welcome to leave your own annotations in the comments, or, indeed, why don't you build your own radar MOC?

Oh, and don't worry, if some of the annotations seem to make sense to an insider only – I assure you I haven't got a clue either, it's just a lot of fun.  But do look up those Blinkenlichten.

Radar by Juha Vierinen's sons, photo by Thomas Ulich, annotations by Juha. Click to enlarge!

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