Monday, 26 August 2013

Symposium: Conference Give-Aways

The 2013 EISCAT International Symposium was just held at Lancaster University, UK. When scientists gather (and most likely this will hold true for other professions), their conferences are usually made up of certain recurring building blocks. These often include an excursion or some sort of sight-seeing, a conference dinner, and a conference gift. We reported already on the excursions to Ingleton Waterfalls and to the Lake District (courtesy KAIRA blog), and we wrote about the conference dinner. So let's have a look at the gifts.

In the past, when for every conference a sometimes large programme and abstract book was printed, it was customary to issue a dedicated conference bag. With the advent of laptop computers, and thus everyone carrying a large bag anyway, these conference bags were all too often simply discarded. Nowadays programme and abstracts are published on-line, and maybe one gets a memory stick. Thus there's room for new ideas on conference give-aways.

The photos above show what the organisers came up with for the EISCAT Symposium: a semi-automagic umbrella with EISCAT logo, and rock sweets with "EISCAT 2013" written on them and delivered in a tin with a photograph of the EISCAT site at Ramfjordmoen, near Tromsø, Norway. The umbrella opens upon pressing the button, and one has to use the button to close it, too. Just the pushing together is done by hand whereby the mechanism is recharged. The sweets are sweet and taste of mint.

Thanks again to all organisers for a great meeting in Lancaster!

Photos: Thomas Ulich.

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