Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Space Weather Camp: Intro to Science and Student Life

Kjartan Olafsson from University of Bergen showing how the auroral corona looks like over Bergen.
The Space Weather Science Camp of Finnish high-school students in Longyearbyen had a day of full action yesterday in the beautiful auditorium "Lassegrotta" of the University Center in Svalbard (UNIS). After hearing lectures about the the EISCAT radars and ionospheric measurement techniques as well as about the coming ESR experiment by the Finnish scientists Esa Turunen and Noora Partamies, who supervise the group, the students were introduced to space physics in Norway by Kjartan Olafsson from University of Bergen.

Here Finnish UNIS students make a sauna sledging party in the traditional annual Longyearbyen downhill event.
Later on, UNIS director Ole-Arve Misund introduced the Finnish students to student life at 78° north.

Text and photos: Esa Turunen.

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