Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Proposals for World-Day Observations of ISR for 2015

Proposals for the 2015 Co-ordinated Incoherent Scatter Observation Days (also known as World Days) are due by 9th June 2014.  Written proposals outlining specific research needs using the World Day observations are requested. These proposals should be submitted via e-mail to mary.mccready<at> and/or ian.mccrea<at>

The proposal procedure and examples are described at here and links therein.  Also, this site has instructions, guidelines and a sample proposal.

The URSI Incoherent Scatter working Group (ISWG) will have its planning meeting at CEDAR.  It is scheduled for Tuesday, 24 June 2014, at 13:30.  This planning meeting is for the ISWG and UAF staffs to review all the submitted proposals and determine how the global network of ISRs can best satisfy the approved requests.  The proposer's presence during this discussion is not required but can be beneficial.

Deadline: 9th June 2014.

Text: Mary McCready, SRI International.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Tromsø Quadriphase Experiment - first ever!

Congratulations to Lassi Roininen and his collaborators! 

They today succeeded to run the first ever quadri-phase experiment on the EISCAT UHF radar in Tromsø, Norway! Have a look at their report over on the KAIRA blog!