Monday, 28 July 2014

ISR School: Group Presentations

This year's Joint US-EISCAT Incoherent Scatter Radar School at Arecibo Observatory has come to an end. The school was set up such that every day there were lectures followed by group work. All participants were split into six groups, and each group ran their own experiment on the Arecibo ISR on Tuesday/Wednesday night.

On Saturday, the last day of the school, the results were presented by each group. All groups did a great job, esp. considering the limited time they had. Just like last year, we time-lapsed the session, and the resulting video is online. Apologies to the group presenting first: unfortunately the camera ran out of memory only a few photos after setting up due to operator error (putting in the wrong chip). This was noticed and fixed only after the first group's presentation.

The school has ended, but a few reports are still in the queue and will appear here over the coming days.

Film: Thomas Ulich.

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