Tuesday, 22 July 2014

ISR School: In Suspension

The so-called platform, to which the radar transmitter linear feed as well as the Gregorian feed are attached, is suspended from three tall concrete towers by seven cables per tower. The photo above is taken from just under these cables looking up at the tower in the direction towards the dish. This tower is the one located just by the visitor centre.

The cables are securely mounted in the ground using the concrete structures shown above. All this uses essentially the same technology as suspension bridges.

One of these cables (plus one extra one) is actually holding up the suspension bridge seen coming into the photo above from the right. It is a gangway for service access, but also it includes the command cables as well as the transmitter power feed. The participants of the radar school will have the chance to visit the platform in the coming days.

The other six cables hold the platform up, four in the middle, and two at the outside. There are two more towers with equivalent cables suspending the platform together.

Finally, another photo of the tower under which the Joint US-EISCAT Incoherent Scatter Radar School is taking place. Tonight, starting from 2200hrs UTC, the students will run their own radar experiments on this radar, split into six groups having the radar for two hours each. Leading up to these experiments, this afternoon the groups will meet and discuss what kind of experiments they want to run, and as part of their training, they will write a brief experiment proposal to apply for radar time. Exciting times ahead!

Photos: Thomas Ulich.

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