Monday, 21 July 2014

ISR School is under way!

This Monday morning, the participants of the Joint US-EISCAT ISR School assembled in the main auditorium of the visitor centre of the Arecibo Observatory to begin the radar school.

Among the people welcoming everyone to the school was Richard Behnke, the Head of the Geospace Section at the National Science Foundation, which funds the US Incoherent Scatter Radar Schools.

Also the Director of the EISCAT Scientific Association, Craig Heinselman, welcomed the participants and pointed out how important these schools are in terms of making connections between all participants, learners and instructors alike, from which often spring life-long collaborations and even friendships.

Bob Kerr, the Director of the Arecibo Observatory welcomed the participants and discussed a few practicalities and peculiarities related to the operations of the observatory. These include the strict radio silence, and also the need to keep light pollution as low as possible in order not to disturb optical experiments at nighttime.

From the platform of the visitor centre, one gets a prime view of the radar. Yesterday, we mentioned already the feed system suspended above the main reflector. Here one can also see a few extra antennae at the centre of the reflector, which are the ionospheric heater.

Photos: Thomas Ulich.

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