Tuesday, 5 August 2014

ISR School: Photos

Several of us took lots of photos during this year's US-EISCAT ISR School at Arecibo Observatory. It's always interesting to see how different photographers take different angles, and different subjects. Anyway, here are the links:

Craig's photos: http://heinselslug.smugmug.com/Professional/Meetings/ISR-School-2014-Arecibo/
Thomas's photos: http://mivyoo.smugmug.com/Professional/Arecibo-2014/
Phil's photos: http://usuthu65.smugmug.com/Professional/ISR-School-Arecibo-2014/

If you want to add links to your own galleries, please add them in the comments below or send them via e-mail, so we can add them to the list above. Thanks!


Photo: Phil Erickson.

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